The End of the World


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“The End of the World?”

“Jewish Calamity or Universal Climax?”

Here’s a little book that was first published in 1973 when many religious groups, authors and preachers were predicting “The end of the world is near!” The Jehovah’s Witnesses, who have a long history of erroneously predicting the end of the world – as they did in 1914 and 1925 (See “Millions Now Living Will Never Die”) – were again predicting the world would end in the fall of 1975. YET IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! In 1970 Hal Lindsey published his “The Late Great Planet Earth” book which predicted the world’s final seven years would begin in 1981. Millions of the biblically uninformed bought his book and spread his pseudo predictions worldwide. BUT IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

It was during the heat of this heretical period that this author decided to counter these hysterical “Bible” interpretations with the historical Bible prophecies and their historically recorded fulfillments in the first century (in history books like “Josephus”) which prove the so-called “Apocalyptic” texts and “signs of the times” of modern “Prophets of Doom” were in fact already fulfilled in the Destruction of Jerusalem in AD70. Though their predictions were proven to be biblically false by this book (and others) and historical failures by the passage of time, the very same people and sects are once again engaging in the same sort of “End Time” predictions in this new Millennium and are basing their predictions upon the same misinterpreted and misapplied texts and “signs.” Since this book always seems to be “relevant to our times,” it is being reprinted and offered to Bible students for the third time.

In this book, you will find complete biblical expositions of the key texts (like Matthew 24) and historical examples of the predicted events (like in Josephus) so you can see how all of their alleged “end-time signs” of today were already fulfilled in the “in-time signs” that preceded and followed the greatest “Jewish Calamity” in history and not the “End of the World.”


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  • Author: Gerald N. Wright
  • Publisher: Sunset Institute Press
  • Published: 2017
  • Language: English
  • Book Size: 164 Pages
  • Available Formats: PDF, Paperback
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